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14 novembre 2019

How AI defends itself against humans who wish to resist its increasing domination

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Fritz Lang: Metropolis (1927).
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A friend of mine had emailed me yesterday an article about the scandalous Google Project Nightingale – a major invasion of privacy concerning personal health information.

Here is a literal copy of what I replied to him:

Thanks! Not surprised, I read a few days ago a similar article, this time about the pharmaceutical industry… Speaking of which, an increasing number of medicines are missing from pharmacies: it turns out that as some prices go down here, the industry sells these products in other countries, and so makes more money. Health is definitely not their goal (unless the health of their wealth).

One thought about the increased size of « big data » and IA, leading to the increased robotization of society: one danger I haven’t seen addressed is that of bugs and viruses: they are inevitable, in any system: even a totally closed one, while immune to viruses (but is “totally” ever possible?) will have bugs. And this is much worse than a human error…

Pretty dark future.


My email reply was rejected with the following error message:

Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
SMTP error from remote server for GREETING command, [...] reason: 500 5.7.1 Symantec Zodiac

Looking that error up, I found that it means that Symantec found the contents “objectionable”.

So what’s next? Probably effectively blocking access on the Web to such “objectionable” articles and to any reference to them by deleting them from their search engine?

Remember: Big Brother is watching you more than ever

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