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23 février 2005

A Fabulous Animal

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The gryphon, or griffin, is a fabulous monster with the head and wings of an eagle and the lower body of a lion. In the Purgatorio, Canto 29, of Dante’s Divine Comedy (that lesser-known tour of Wonderland by way of a hole in the ground), the chariot of the Church is pulled by a gryphon. The beast was a common medieval symbol for the union of God and man in Christ. Here both the Gryphon and Mock Turtle are obvious satires on the sentimental college alumnus, of which Oxford has always had an unusually large share.

They very soon came upon a Gryphon, lying fast asleep in the sun. (If you don’t know what a Gryphon is, look at the picture.) « Up, lazy thing! » said the Queen, « and take this young lady to see the Mock Turtle, and to hear his story. I must go back and see after some executions I have ordered; » and she walked off, leaving Alice alone with the Gryphon.

Alice did not quite like the look of the creature, but on the whole she thought it would be quite as safe to stay with it as to go after that savage Queen: so she waited.

The Gryphon sat up and rubbed its eyes: then it watched the Queen till she was out of sight: then it chuckled.

Lewis Carroll: Alice In Wonderland

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  1. (j’ai cru qu’on me traitait d’animal…
    mais c’est intéressant !)

    Commentaire par fabulous — 23 février 2005 @ 19:35

  2. Également content de voir ce journal redémarrer !

    Commentaire par anatole — 23 février 2005 @ 19:40


    Commentaire par chapichapo — 23 février 2005 @ 22:20

  4. On en reparlera dans une chronique pas malade mais nonobstant future.

    Commentaire par Miklos — 23 février 2005 @ 22:51

  5. Heu ! entre Toi, Autrement, et moi, il va falloir creer un club des fadas de Lewis Carroll !

    Commentaire par vorpal-eye — 23 février 2005 @ 23:48

  6. ravi de vous relire.

    Commentaire par damien08 — 23 février 2005 @ 23:52

  7. Fada, fana, fatras, fracas…
    De Carroll à Dali, vision transcendante du monde !

    Commentaire par miklos — 24 février 2005 @ 0:12

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