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12 janvier 1999

3D (VRML) Interface to IRCAM’s Multimedia Library Catalog

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The public space of our Multimedia Library has been completely modelled in 3D (using VRML 2.0), showing all the stacks, cabinets, terminals, etc.

With the help of a browser and an adequate freely-available plugin (see below), one can « stroll » through the reading hall, and find the contents of the shelves and cabinets by clicking on them: each one is linked to the appropriate part of the online catalog. This in turn will show the documents that are stored in that part of the room, and provide access to the individual bibliographical records (and related databases).

What is needed:

  • a recent browser: this has been tested with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (version ≥ 4) and Netscape ≥ 4) on a PC (it may also work on Macintoshes, SGI and other platforms, depending on the plugin).
  • a plugin for VRML (the above URL provides a link to the Cosmo plugin).
  • a relatively powerful machine: all computations are done on the client’s platform, so if it’s slow, it’s not the fault of the Internet, this time.

Happy virtual visit,

Michael Fingerhut
Director, Multimedia Library
IRCAM – Centre Georges-Pompidou
Paris (France)

Info publiée le Tue Jan 12 06:52:27 EST 1999 dans la liste de diffusion WEB4LIB.

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  1. Later in 1999, Librarea, a virtual reality world for librarians, opened up in Active Worlds (yes, there is life before Second Life). It was created by Jack Colbert (a librarian). We met two years later at the first JCDL (ACM-IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries), where he told me he had gotten the idea from this VRML model we had done. I suppose he had heard about it from this list (on which he posted a few messages later).

    Commentaire par Miklos — 17 octobre 2011 @ 21:02

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