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5 juillet 2012

Looking backwards to the future, or, In these times of bad economy, innovate: get a cheap car

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This machine can go as fast on ice as on
land. The only thing it can’t do is fly.

At an expense of three dollars Meredith Coates of Kansas City, Missouri, built an air-propelled automobile which ran at a speed of twenty-two miles an hour along a smooth road. The engine is a five-horsepower motor-cycle engine and it was bought for one dollar.

The propeller was made from wood at a cost of another dollar and the last dollar was spent in making the gas-tank, boxings, steering-wheel, frame, shafts, pulleys and belt.

The apparatus was originally tried out on a canoe and the shifted to a sled. The sled runners may be seen attached to the frame in the accompanying illustration. When the ice was gone the propeller mechanism was transferred to the cart frame. The machine has all the appearance of a racing automobile.” — Popular Science Monthly, vol. 89 no. 2. August 1916. New York.

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  1. pratique pour se garer, une éolienne en plein Paris ça serait sympa !

    Commentaire par Jeff — 7 juillet 2012 @ 19:58

  2. En plus, une éolienne qui bouge…!

    Commentaire par Miklos — 7 juillet 2012 @ 20:00

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