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9 décembre 2011

Analysis of a Craigslist housing Nigerian scam. II.

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Eight days after the scam we had analyzed, the following ad appeared in the same Paris section:

EUR600 / 599ft² – Furnished rooms for shares and rent
Date: 2011-12-09, 8:17AM CET
Reply to: hous-rj4ar-2743864674@craigslist.org
Lovely room available for shares and can be rented as a whole apartment.

While a cursory look indicates that it was posted by our Mr X, upon writing to ask for details, one receives a set of photos which is identical to those Mr X had sent in reply to an inquiry to the previously discussed ad. This time, he calls himself Tenma Van Schaik: same last name as Mr X, different first name.

A picture may be better than 1,000 words, but one is curious to find where that wonderful place is located. Mr X1 replies:

Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 04:52:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Tenma Van Schaik
   Thank you and i appreciate your interest in my apartment.I hope you will like my apartment and eventually rent it.Here are some important information about the apartment.‏
1.The apartment cost 600eur per month and 700eur for security deposit refundable when moving out‏
2.The apartment is located in a very safe place and has easy access to transportation and fun centers.It is located at Odengatan 39, City Center – Norrmalm, Stockholm‏
3.The facilities you enjoy includes the following;INTERNET ACCESS,GAS,ELECTRICITY,WATER,AIR CONDITIONING,FRIDGE,WASHING MACHINE,OVEN,CABLE TV AND DVD.There is also a parking space just for a car.All included in the rent,no extra charge.
‏4.The apartment is already furnished and there are no room mates.The apartment can also be rented unfurnished.
‏5.The total size of the apartment is 45sqm and the bedroom is about 18sqm.
‏ About me,i am the owner of this apartment which i inherited from my mother.I have a Swedish and British nationality.I was in Sweden last five months to see my mother and unfortunately she had to relocate with me for some reason to the United Kingdom.I left the apartment vacant for a month after my mother left and later i realized that i need someone to look after the apartment in my absence.I rented this apartment out four months ago and now the current tenant renting the apartment moves out soon.For this reason,it is urgent to look for someone else to rent this apartment and make it his/her  home.
     Kindly get back to me if you like the apartment picture and would love to proceed in renting it.I am looking forward to hearing from you.

The similarity, nay, identity, – both in the typography and the contents – is striking, as well as the differences: Mr X1 is Swede-British, while his twin brother, Mr X, was Franco-British. The apartment is in Stockholm, which is normal for a half-Swede, but recall, the scam was published in the Paris section of Craigslist.


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