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26 août 2009

Words to avoid in your blog so as not be treated like s**t by this Pakistani company

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According to Griffin’s The Panjab Chiefs (1865), Sialkot is one of the most ancient towns in the Panjab. It is said to have been founded about 3400 B.C. I had never heard of it – have you? – until, that is, the spam I found today in my blog.

It appeared in the guise of a comment to my Brief history of the glove, and consisted of a promotional message for a group of companies specializing in all kinds of apparel, established in Sialkot (but with offices in NYC as well). It was posted from the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited network.

Spam is, in and of itself, an act of blatant disrespect. But what distinguishes this one is the assurance that “You are also guaranteed to enjoy the high value services and excrement care in every medium detail from us”. For a fleeting moment, I wondered if it was an indication they were into organic apparel, made from animal or human dejections, but I rejected this hypothesis.

A quick search on the internet reveals several instructive things. For one thing, there are over 4,200 spams to-date with this identical message. Or almost: the city is the same, the name of the company and its phone numbers may vary. Its web site is totally broken.

The sites which are spammed (and which have left this comment along – there may be many more which have not validated it or which have deleted it after the fact) are those which mention such items as regular or boxing gloves, coats and jackets. They usually belong to the garment industry or sport associations, but not only, as ours. One of the most amusing places we’ve found it is on the web site of the Centre for European Politics, attached to an item entitled The Gloves are off – Germany’s Grand Coalition. Will this German coalition decide to order leather garments from the Sialkotic coprophilous company?

Now you know which words you shouldn’t use in your blog unless you plan to enjoy their special kind of care. Darn, I just did it. I wonder if they will get me again.

Dear Reader, I hope that you will be keeping well (as they write).

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